English for life Pre-Intermediate Workbook with Key

Brožovaná bez přebalu lesklá

Titul je skladem u nakladatele. Expedujeme do dvou pracovních dnů po dodání na náš sklad.

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One page. One lesson. One focus.

Workbook with key

Everything you look for in an English course, made simple.
Key features
•Perfectly simple: each lesson is just one page, needing no teaching preparation - simply 'pick up and teach'.
•Distinct language points in short chunks: 80 lessons cover either vocabulary, grammar, skills, or functional language, each with an interactive catch-up lesson on the MultiROM.
•Visual presentation: dialogues, stories, and picture-dictionary style vocabulary makes new language easy to understand and remember.
•'Real life' focus: 'English for Everyday Life' lessons, 'English in the World cultural feature, and a 'Your life' personalization opportunity in every lesson.
•'That's life' story: regular episodes provide language review in a real life context. Everything in one place for the teacher: an interleaved Teacher's Book with facing-page lesson guide, an extra photocopiable activity per lesson, plus a customizable test CD.

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Autor Tom Hutchinson
Značka OUP English Learning and Teaching
V prodeji od 12.10.2012
Rok vydání 2007
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Vazba Brožovaná bez přebalu lesklá
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